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My unique approach to wellness is a combination of chiropractic care to establish a healthy nervous system environment to optimize my tailored diet and exercise patient-specific wellness program. My mission is for each patient to reach their peak potential and optimal health, not only pain relief. This is done by guiding each patient in establishing a healthy lifestyle and making consistently good choices.

"Motion is the Key to Life" My rehabilitation program, FlexBuilding (tm), increases strength and flexibility to the musculature surrounding weakened and/or damaged joint structures. FlexBuilding (tm) is the only full range of motion stretching rehabilitation/workout in the health market today that uses full range of motion isokinetic resistance.

A supplementation program is tailored for each patient's specific health care issue(s) such as fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, sinus problems, irritability, and digestive disturbances as well as neck, back, or joint issues.

My FlexBuilding (tm) physique enhancement book and video teaches how to optimally eat and exercise. It also tells which nutrients to take based upon each person's body chemistry which is established by determining your own specific body type.

There are thousands of diet books on the market today. Losing weight or establishing a healthy weight comes down to one very simple statement: Burn more calories than you take in. Sounds simple, but why isn't it?

Once you discover the right type of fuel to put in your engine (metabolism) burning more calories than you take in becomes easy. Different body types determine how nutrients are burned in the body for fuel. This is similar to the way certain motor engines burn fuel. An Indy 500 race car, an SUV, a motorcycle and a lawn mower all have engines. Consider how well the Indy car would perform by putting the perfect lawn mower fuel mixture in the Indy car's gas tank.

If you are in pain, acute or chronic, or have an injury, I can help. I am very committed to my patients and I invite you to be as committed and active to achieving optimal health and well being. ARE YOU READY?

Stop running in circles trying to find pain reief or how to achieve optimal wellness. Call today and I will personally discuss your case before you complete any forms or make an appointment. The phone number is 404 831-1400 or

Dr. Robert R. Pruni